A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Survive the night in a haunted graveyard.

A game by Angelica Anatra

Story Summary

Alessandra comes from a long line of powerful psychics. By day she tells fortunes and by night she sends the restless spirits of the dead back to the spirit world. Orphaned from a young age, she grew up fending for herself. Her only guidance was from her dead grandmother who has stuck around to help her develop her psychic powers. She may be taking on more than she can cleanse when she agrees to help a local business owner, Mr. Bones, clear his bar located in the middle of a cemetery. How long can you help Alessandra last?

Designer Journey

Mystic Mayhem was made as my independent project for The New York Film Academy's game design program. We were given the period of a month to create a game that stands alone. I have always wanted to make my own first person shooter so I decided to create one for my final project. I wanted to challenge myself so I made the game in 3D. I really enjoy 3D modeling which is why I wanted to push my skills with this project. I had been dying to incorporate tarot cards into a game all year but never had a chance to until this game. I built the narrative and design around the idea of getting random tarot cards that tell your fortune. I wanted the game to have a "Halloween Town" feel. I have always been critiqued on my game feel and player feedback on past projects so I wanted to make sure this game had a lot of feel and feedback for players. I put most of my focus on the art assets, the games look and feel, and the play style. I am really proud of the game I produced and hope to continue working on Mystic Mayhem in the future.


MysticMayhemV1.10.app.zip 64 MB
MysticMayhem.zip 60 MB


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Nice work, love the spooky atmosphere.