A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A game by Angelica Anatra

Race through the galaxy to become the Queen of Xanadu!

Story Summary:

Every 10 years a race is held to determine the next ruler of Xanadu. Xana is a young aliennette who is the daughter of the current Queen, Nebula. Xana and her friends are all from noble families and have been pressured to enter the race to become the next ruler of Xanadu. The race takes place in outer space and spans all the way from our Milky Way Galaxy to the Starburst Galaxy where planet Xanadu resides.

About the Creator:

Race To Xanadu was inspired by my interest in space with a pinch of Xanadu a cheesy 80's movie starring Olivia Newton John. Race To Xanadu was my first attempt at a multiplayer game. The assignment was to create a MarioKart inspired racing game. Race To Xanadu was the second 3D game demo I've built. 3D modeling and texturing was my biggest challenge for this game since I recently learned to use Maya at a very basic level. I applied to The New York Film Academy in 2016 and have been working to build up my skills and knowledge to become a game designer.


RaceToXanaduV1.4.app.zip 49 MB
RaceToXanaduV1.4W.zip 45 MB