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In a world dictated by the whims and fashions of an elite upper-class ruled by a decadent man named Gaylord Fauntleroy, a troubled heroine named Firrine seeks to expose the dark truth of the world she lives in. She sees the rot underlying filigree fancy of the upper crust.

Take control of Firrine on her journey to uncover the truth by sneaking past patrolling guards and collecting intelligence surrounding the corruption of the upperclass. Collect enough intelligence to confront the upper-class's leader, Gaylord Fauntleroy at the charity masquerade ball. Players must navigate two levels to collect intelligence without getting caught by patrolling guards. Collect enough intelligence to make an accurate accusation to expose Gaylord's corruption.

Use the directional keys to navigate through to levels without being spotted by the guards and collect intelligence to bring down the corruption Gaylord. Collect enough intelligence to confront Gaylord at the Charity Ball.

This game was made in collaboration with Tromlui and EpicNoobGameDev.



Music by Lionel Cohen



Glitterati_Build_DEMO.app.zip 54 MB
Glitterati Windows Build.exe 17MB Binary Click to download.webloc 314 bytes

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